Links to Resources

I highly recommend purchasing or reading the book Self-Defense Laws of all 50 State by Attorney Mitch Vilos and Evan Vilos. They have spent a considerable amount of time researching self defense laws and have a very good “Plain-Talk” summary of the laws. Their first chapter really points out the vicarious position all CCW carry folks are in when using their right to defend themselves and others. Go to the following site for more information and ordering. Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States

Oregon Firearms Laws Scroll down for pertinent information!

Josephine County Concealed Carry Application Click on link to download your application.

Utah Department of Public Safety Check this site for the latest updates to your CCW permit and before you travel outside of your state!

Utah Reciprocity Information As the link says click on the Link to see the current Utah Reciprocity information

Utah Permit Renewal page As the link says click on the Link to renew your Utah permit online

Armed Citizens Network  This is probably one of the best organizations for Firearms related insurance available. If you choose to join please put in #9224 for the referred by whom. Thank You. They provide me with all of the material that I share with my students and I would like them to know that I am putting the material to good use.

Great Visual Reciprocity Web Site Has option to click on individual States to see Reciprocity
United States Concealed Carry Association  Reciprocity chart
Bloomfield Press Gun Law web site.
Gun laws in all states Great Site for Gun Laws in all States.
Handgunlaws U.S.Gun Laws web site.
Second Defense Insurance  Another option for Insurance in case of a Shooting
AMMO FOR SALE Check this site out for your ammunition needs
Armed & Safe – Nevada Based Training  If you need a Nevada CCW or renewal contact them! And Remember, Practice like it’s real!
Front Sight If you are in need of more advanced firearms training.

Womens Guide to Safe Firearm Ownership Great information not just for Women! (new)

United States Concealed Carry Association Good source and organization for those carrying concealed as well source for Gun Laws

NRA Institute for Legislative Action  NRA resource for legal and legislative actions within the government

Glock Sport Shooting Federation  Home site for the organization

Gun Auction Great site to search if you are looking to purchase a specific gun

AmmoGuide First Serious Web site for serious re-loaders!  They have ‘loads‘, pun intended,  of re-loading data!

WideneReloading(NEW Listing)

Smokeless Powder guide by Wideners Reloading Great published research on Smokeless Powder characteristics. A must view by serious reloaders. (NEW Listing)

Midway USA  A great firearms related parts site

Brownells Another great supply site

Ameriglo Great site for economical alternative to the Heinie sights

TruCarry Holsters Integrated holsters in clothing.

Josephine County Sportsmen’s Association Shooting range in Grant’s Pass Oregon, where classes are usually held.

Great Video on the workings of the Colt .45


Conscientious attention to these rules will prevent most, if not all, gun accidents. Be aware that ignorance and carelessness lead to accidents in all walks of life, including the handling of firearms.
keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.




An open mind is recommended. If you already own a firearm you may bring it into the classroom. Also bring at least 20 rounds of ammunition, which must be left in the car until needed for the range Also bring hearing and eye protection (or instructor can provide it as well as a firearm). If you don't currently own a firearm it is suggested to postpone the purchase as the class will help you determine which gun may be best for you.