Where are the classes held?
Answer:  At the Josephine County Sportsmen’s Association (JCSA), located a few miles north of Grants Pass.  Click Here to see location.

What time does the class start, and how long will it last?
Answer:  Class starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp and we try to finish by 3:30 p.m. However, instructor will be available to stay longer, if necessary. – – Complimentary light lunch will be provided, but bring your own drinks or purchase from onsite vending machine. Refrigerator is available.

What is the COST for the Basic Pistol Course which will qualify me to apply for the Oregon CCW?
Answer: $50.00 for the Oregon permit, $80.00 for the Utah permit, or $100.00 for both. In addition the JCSA charges $7.00 for the use of the range, which does not apply for those who are JCSA members.

Should we bring our own firearm?
Answer: Yes, if you have one, plus your hearing and eye protection.  Also bring about 20 rounds of ammunition, but leave ammunition in your vehicle during class time.  No ammunition in the class room. – If you are considering the purchase of a new gun you may want to wait until after the class to get a better idea of which type is best for your needs.

Is there CCW reciprocity between the various States?
Answer: The short answer is that Oregon permit is valid in several other states, but Oregon does not honor the permit issued in other states. However, and this is important, please refer to the “Resources” tab, and then select “Great Visual Reciprocity Web Site ” for more detailed information as in some states the laws differ between residents and non-residents.

Cash or Check accepted?
Answer: Cash is preferable but Checks are accepted. Credit cards or debit cards are not accepted.


Conscientious attention to these rules will prevent most, if not all, gun accidents. Be aware that ignorance and carelessness lead to accidents in all walks of life, including the handling of firearms.
keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.




An open mind is recommended. If you already own a firearm you may bring it into the classroom. Also bring at least 20 rounds of ammunition, which must be left in the car until needed for the range Also bring hearing and eye protection (or instructor can provide it as well as a firearm). If you don't currently own a firearm it is suggested to postpone the purchase as the class will help you determine which gun may be best for you.